A wedding started from zero.



The white thread is dyed red by your feelings and becomes a red thread.
How about dyeing the color of your happiness that starts from here with the guests and chapel?

Izumo Den


The form of the ceremony that stems from ancient Japan will surely and quietly bless both of your feelings
And shine light on the path of departure towards your new life, leading you forward.

Menu & Dessert


Food is a tangible form of happiness that fills people’s hearts.
We will color with happiness the lives of all guests who present.



The happy future you imagined and your happiness will show up as the color of your dress.
Please color your guests’ hearts with your favorite color.

Everything that we can do for that day and that moment.

A wedding ceremony, a once-in-a-lifetime event, is coupled with feelings of overflowing gratitude.
By offering our assistance with maximum care and attention, right down to every flower and every nail, there is no doubt that this good day will become a “good day” to all guests.
The bride whose beauty is polished as the day draws near and the groom whose expression is also serious to protect his loved one.
Our spirit of hospitality, supported by these two people, become unshakable.

Please do not hold back.
It is fine to take as long as is needed to select your outfits.

For beauty that surpasses your request,
As carefully as if drawing art of blessing.

Above all, it must suit the bride perfectly,
With a refined nuance to increase her likability.

More than any interior furnishing, the flowers that possess the sparkle of life
Hold power within them.

In the moment that the veil is donned,
Elegance is born in that appearance.

Starting from learning about each and every person’s skin,
We believe in the power of makeup and spare no effort.

We cannot look away until the last moment
Because photo opportunities come suddenly.

Because it is a video that will be played several times, even 20 or 30 years later,
We want to leave behind crisp audio and video footage.