How about leisurely soothing the fatigue from your travels while gazing at a Japanese garden with a great atmosphere?

Onsen Spa

“Ryugan no Yu (Prayer Bath),”
in which your body and mind will both be warmed
by the changing of the seasons and the steam

The hot spring in the hotel, which is worthy of Tamana, a town known for its high-quality hot springs, is available as a large public bath and an open-air bath “Ryugan no Yu.” Please leisurely enjoy this famous spring.

“Ryugan no Yu (Prayer Bath),” a famous bath originating from Tamana Hot Spring

The famous bath “Ryugan no Yu” boasts 1,300 years of history, is clear and colorless, and overflows abundantly in nature. Tsukasa Royal Hotel’s baths are a large public bath completely made of natural granite, as well as an open-air bath made of rocks. Please leisurely soothe the fatigue from your travels while gazing at a Japanese garden with a wonderful atmosphere.

Bathing Time 6:00~24:00

The large public bath completely made of natural granite

A large public bath with the water of Tamana Hot Spring that is one of the few of this scale. The walls of the large public bath are all glass so that guests can enjoy a leisurely time while gazing at the Japanese garden. Enveloped by the nature of the changing seasons and light, guests can experience a release of the mind and body.

Source Name Ryuganji Hot Spring
Spring Quality Alkalescent and hypotonic hot spring
Spring Temperature 39.7 degrees Celsius
Types and Conditions of Bathtubs Large public bath and open-air bath (all using hot spring water)
Circulation and Freshness Free-flowing type (new hot spring water is constantly being piped into the bathtubs and allowed to overflow)
Condition of Hydration None
Additives Such as Bath Salts None
Effective in Healing Neuralgia / myalgia / arthralgia / frozen shoulder / motor paralysis / stiffness of the joints / bruises / sprains / chronic digestive diseases / hemorrhoids / sensitivity to cold / recovery after an illness / relief of fatigue / better health
Contraindications Acute disease (especially with fever) / active tuberculosis / malignant tumor / severe heart disease / respiratory failure / renal failure / hemorrhagic disease / severe anemia / other general diseases that are progressing / during pregnancy (especially early or late in the pregnancy)