Privacy Policy


Tsukasa Royal Hotel (hereafter referred to as “this company”) provides service to its customers while seeing its customers as its utmost priority.
This policy collectively addresses the obtainment, methods of handling, and protection of customers’ personal information.
This company hereby publicizes this company’s privacy policy and, to earn the trust and understanding of its customers, strive for the appropriate handling of personal information based on the following general rules.

1. Compliance

This company handles personal information while complying to the law and other boundaries.

2. About the purpose of using and provision of personal information

This company will not use its customers’ personal data that it was given or possesses for purposes other than the following.
If a customer directly enters their information in writing, each purpose of use will be stated in writing.

  1. Giving information through post, phone, electronic mail, face-to-face, etc. about the products and services offered by this company, as well as the organization of various types of events, promotions, and so on
  2. Conducting surveys through post, phone, electronic mail, etc. for product development or to consider strategies to improve customers’ levels of satisfaction
  3. Providing services to accommodate requests and applications received for requests for information of applications for prize
  4. Credit judgment as well as credit management
  5. Providing the following information on paper on an electronic medium to a third party stated in 3.
    Items provided: address, name, date of birth, phone number, email address, occupation, information regarding transactions with customers, surveys, and information received on this company’s website.

3. About the provision of personal information to third parties

This company will not provide customers’ personal information to other companies and third parties, excluding the following, without its customers’ consent.
Also, when entrusting tasks including the handling of customers’ information, within the boundaries of the purpose of the entrustment of that task, customers’ information will be entrusted to the relevant party that has been entrusted.

  1. If this company’s corporate group, partner company, etc. has received an explicit statement of agreement on paper, etc.
  2. If, based on the law, the provision to a third party is permitted by some other applicable law

4. The appropriate management of personal information

This company equips an organizational system to prevent the improper access to personal information as well as the loss, damage, alteration, or leakage of personal information and implements safety control measures in its systems, etc.
Parties entrusted with tasks are also guided on the strict management of personal information following similar guidelines.

5. Security

With regards to customers’ personal information that this company manages and possesses, as long as there is no advance consent from the customer, this company will not use it for purposes other than those stated in 2 above. Furthermore, if a customer wishes for the disclosure, amendment, etc. of their own personal information, they can request for such an action to be made through the following counter, by email or phone, and this company will respond as promptly as possible.

6. Inquiry counter regarding the handling of personal information and address to send personal data disclosure requests, etc.

Tsukasa Royal Hotel
50-1 Ryuganji, Tamana, Kumamoto Prefecture 865-0061
TEL(0968)73-8888 FAX(0968)73-8008

7. Education

All employees are continually educated regarding the protection of personal information.

8. Improvement of the compliance program

This company continually reviews and strives to improve the compliance program, including the policy, organization, planning, implementation, audits, and reviews to protect the personal information that it possesses.

*Compliance program

This refers to the structure set in place to establish a system that complies to the law and corporate ethics with regards to a corporation.
Including the creation of guidelines, the implementation of education and development programs, the creation of manuals regarding how to respond when problems occur, etc.

October 2012, Tsukasa Royal Hotel